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SDE can provide a 24 hour callout service to key customers.

Sharp Data Electrical has been providing service since 1994. We have maintained an excellent reputation though out the industry.

We have over 15 vehicles on the road, all well-equipped. SDE has an on call Electrician 24 hours a day 7 days a week for our key customers.

Our Electricians are constantly upskilled to keep on top of technological advancements.

Examples of Machinery Serviced:

  • Food manufacturing

  • Canning and Bottling Lines

  • Printing and packaging

  • Airport baggage handling systems

  • Hazardous area machinery

  • Cranes

  • Industrial ovens

  • Presses

  • Roll formers

  • General engineering machinery

  • Warehousing machinery

Sharp Data Electrical can provide a full time onsite electrical service, this concept is applied to number of our customers already providing them with numerous benefits.


Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced hourly rate

  • 24 hour callout service

  • Managed plant maintenance systems

  • Retention of knowledge

  • Managed compliance systems

  • Technical and regulatory advice

  • No employment issues

Preventative Maintenance


Routine preventative maintenance is critical to ensure that a factory runs smoothly. SDE can offer customised planned maintenance programs to minimise disruptions to operations, focussing on the following key areas:


Inspection of machine control panels, cleaning, filters, tightening terminals, rust prevention.

Cable support, cables and wiring system degradation

Safety switches, contactors and relay testing and compliance

Co-ordination with onsite managers, onsite engineers and machine operators planning preventative maintenance schedules around production requirements and shutdowns.


Thermographic Surveys


Thermography has become a maintenance tool we frequently use to inspect plant and machinery for potential faults while still in operation. A six monthly or annual thermographic survey helps to detect any potential problems so they can be repaired before any damage occurs. We have high quality equipment for this task and our operators are skilled thermographers trained in the industrial environment.


Building Maintenance – Lighting and Power Distribution


General lighting –  Many offices and factories are operating at half their rated light output for the same energy input if not maintained. We can monitor lighting levels in offices, warehouses and factories to ensure that they stay above recommended safety levels. We offer energy efficient solutions for lighting when the time comes to carry out repairs and upgrades. Through our design team we can also provide reports to show pay back periods for upgrading to more energy efficient lighting.


Security Lighting – Faulty security lighting can go unnoticed for months. Routine checks and repairs ensure buildings are safer through correctly illumination of walkways and common vehicle areas used at night.


Emergency Lighting – Sharp Data Electrical is IQP registered so if we check emergency lights as part of our monthly checks there is no need for an annual emergency lighting inspection for the building WOF. Our design team are also certified to provide PS1 for design of emergency lighting systems.


Distribution Switchboards – Updating of circuit legends, identifying circuits and labelling of switchboards aids in the quick identification of sub-circuits and electrical points of supply. We will take responsibility switchboards onsite ensuring no covers are missing and legends are kept up to date.


Compliance Testing and Tagging to AS/NZS3760


All appliance and electrical leads in commercial and industrial buildings are required to be tested and tagged to prove their electrical safety. We can customise regular testing schedules to suit any sized client. This ensures all equipment is safe and the customer is complying with AS/NZS 3760.

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